Crop Specific Formulations

Individual packets contain a specific ratio of N, P and K soil bacteria, encapsulated in a biodegradable polymer gel. Meant especially for the optimal growth of the particular crop segment

  • FIB-SOL Cereals: For Rice, Wheat, Maize and all other cereal crops
  • FIB-SOL Pulses & Oilseeds
  • FIB-SOL Veggie:For all kinds of Vegetables
  • FIB-SOL Fruits: For all types of Fruits
  • FIB-SOL GROOT:For all types of root crops such as potato, beet etc.
  • Cell Count: 1011 CFU/mL

    Dosage: 100 mL/acre, for specific crop segment

    Application:2 times during a crop cycle, based on the crop and farmers POP

    Where it can be used

    Agricultural farm land

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