Currently FIB-SOL is involved in developing crop growth promoting formulations to improve organic farming. Two products are developed and under validation.

  • Is a tissue paper like fertilizer carrying membrane.
  • Around 60-70 g would be sufficient to fix nitrogen per acre of paddy, sugarcane and vegetable crops.
  • N-FIB 20 could be dissolved in water and could be applied by modern and conventional irrigation practices.
  • Moreover the products can even be mixed with conventional organic inputs such as Panchakavyam, Amritakarasal, Vermicompost, etc. for enhancement of crop-yield and soil quality.


  • 2 litre of N-SOL SP is sufficient for an acre.
  • N-SOL SP can be used for fruit, vegetable and flowering plants.
  • The product contains nitrogen fixers and factors essential for plant growth.
  • N-SOL SP can be mixed with sufficient amount of water and applied as soil or foliar spray.