• Carry out research and development to commercially provide biological inputs for agriculture and health sector.
  • Apply front end research expertise from areas like nano-biotechnology and computational biology to overcome challenges faced by industries operating in agriculture, health and environment sector.
  • Take up outsourced R&D projects to design protocols; Innovate and manufacture new materials and formulations required by the biotechnology sector.
  • To provide technical empowerment to students and scholars and make the nation self sustained in intellectual segment.

Dr. Kavitha Sairam

CEO & Director

Dr. Anant Raheja

CTO & Director

Dr. Pramal Biswa

Research Scientist

Dr. Rajashekhar Bijja

Senior Research Associate


Research Assistant

Mr. Gowtham Selvaraj

Research Associate

Prof. T.S. Chandra
Department of Biotechnology
IIT Madras
Prof. T.S.Natarajan
Department of Physics
IIT Tirupathi