• Carry out research and development to commercially provide biological inputs for agriculture and health sector.
  • Apply front end research expertise from areas like nano-biotechnology and computational biology to overcome challenges faced by industries operating in agriculture, health and environment sector.
  • Take up outsourced R&D projects to design protocols; Innovate and manufacture new materials and formulations required by the biotechnology sector.
  • To provide technical empowerment to students and scholars and make the nation self sustained in intellectual segment.

Dr. Kavitha Sairam

CEO & Director

Dr. Anant Raheja

CTO & Director

Dr. Pramal Biswa

Research Scientist |Operations|

Dr. Rajashekhar Bijja

Senior Research Associate


Research Assistant

Mr. Gowtham Selvaraj

Research Associate

Prof. T.S. Chandra
Department of Biotechnology
IIT Madras
Prof. T.S.Natarajan
Department of Physics
IIT Tirupathi